My Projects

The following is a list of some of my favorite projects I have worked on. Click on one to see more detailed information about it.

LazyMan for iOS

LazyMan for iOS is a personal project porting LazyMan, a way to play any NHL/MLB game, to be an iOS app instead of a Java program.

Fall 2017

Summer 2017 Hackintosh and Network

More details on my upgraded PC build including the operating systems and configurations used. Also includes a brief overview of my networking overhaul.

Summer 2017

Mazes of Twisty Passages

Mazes of Twisty Passages was my final project for my Fundamentals of Computer Science II class. It's a Java program which generates arbitrarily random mazes which can be solved using a variety of search algorithms.

Spring 2017

Racket Tetris

Racket Tetris was a project for my Fundamentals of Computer Science I class. It's a Racket game that implements most of the normal functionality of Racket using a functional programming language.

Fall 2016